26th June 2018

My speech

“Every person is guilty of all the good he did not do.” Bullying, hypocrisy, stealing, cheating and manipulation.These things happen everyday all over the world. I am guilty, we all are guilty of not helping the people around us. We can’t stop people committing these thoughts, we can’t stop these crimes and we can’t always stop these actions, but we can still make a difference, we can still help others around us. The internet and the media are both responsible for causing a part of this. Everyday we are constantly lied to and constantly told what to think and most of us never even realise it. Everyone has a personal responsibility to find the full truth before making your mind up about an opinion. The media is guilty of manipulating our thoughts to change our minds to think and act and look differently.

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About Jaydon

I am a year 11 at Mount Aspiring College