9th March 2018

Milking Before Dawn


a) In the poem Milking Before Dawn it refers the cows being black and shiny like rocks on an ebbing tide. They refer these to each other because the rocks are wet and shiny from the sea like the cows when they get rained on, they are more black and shiny when rained on.

b) This is a simile because it uses like or as in it. It is not a metaphor as it Does not make a direct comparison unlike a simile which is uses direct comparison.

2) They use the metaphor ‘The shed is an Island of light and warmth’. The poet of this poem is using this metaphor to show that it can be really bad weather and also really good weather where the Lady lives.

3) The simile ‘…its history wiped away/like tears of a child’ is describing How the weather can change so fast, from one extreme to another. It also means that you would not be able to tell that there was a storm because it changes so fast. It is like a new start/new day.

4) The lady is content with where she lives because she is happy with how everything is and she likes a more challenging life because she gets more satisfaction with what she does on the farm.

5) This poem is written in third point of view. We can tell this because the poet is telling this poem about someone. They compare the city life to the farm life. They use simile to add more effection   to the poem. She also uses onomatopoeia such as hiss to make it more realistic so we can understand the poem better and it also shows us what it sounds and looks like.

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